Ground Grading Issues

Thu 7th March 2013 | General
By Ian Templeman

Every month since November, the League Management Committee has been in regular contact with clubs regarding outstanding work to be addressed, in order that the club’s ground meets required ground grading standards.

All clubs have been warned of the penalties that apply in the event that they do not comply with the recommendations made in the Grading Chairman’s report.

However, following the February League Management Committee meeting, there were still eight clubs in the Premier Division that did not meet the ground grading requirements to remain in the Division, and in the First Division, only six clubs met the minimum ground grade required for promotion.

All the clubs who have exceeded the 28 day notification period regarding outstanding work were written to by the League Secretary, requesting an explanation as to why the work has not been carried out.

Some clubs have not had the courtesy to reply to the Secretary to date, and one club official expressed his disapproval at the timing of the letter, given the recent inclement weather. It should be noted that the items outstanding that the club had been challenged on were from the FA visit which took place on 23rd February 2012.

However, several clubs have contacted the League regarding their outstanding work, along with their proposed completion dates.

The penalties for non-compliance will not only affect participation in the NWCFL. For entry into the FA Cup, league position aside, a Step 6 club wishing to compete in the FA Cup next season must meet the G grade requirements by March 31st. If a G grade has not already been awarded, a questionnaire will have to be completed.

For entry into the FA Vase, a Step 6 club must be at least grade H compliant by March 31st.

League Chairman Dave Tomlinson said: “The League Management Committee have always stressed the importance of promotion and relegation being decided by the respective position of clubs in the League table.

“However, in the event that clubs do not meet the required ground grading standards, the Committee will have no hesitation in applying League rules”.


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