Formby Placed In A Relegation Position

Wed 17th April 2013 | General
By Ian Templeman

The League Management Committee can announce that they have placed Formby in a relegation position in Division One, as a result of failing to comply with necessary ground grading requirements.

At their meeting held on Wednesday 10th April 2013, The Management Committee considered the Club’s grading report as submitted by the Grading Chairman. The Management Committee considered that the Club had not complied with the grading requirement for grade G by 1st April, or as soon as practicable thereafter, as per League Rule 2.6.

League Secretary John Deal said: “It is the duty of the League Management Committee to implement League rules on behalf of member clubs, and having considered the evidence, the Committee were left with no option other than to comply with the National League System Committee instruction that the Club should be placed in a relegation position, whatever their final league placing may be.

“The Club has the right of appeal to the FA on this decision, and we have advised them of the process they need to follow should they wish to pursue this option”.

Formby Secretary Adrian Cork said: “Everyone at the club is naturally devastated at the decision, after such a successful season on the pitch.

“To fail to be promoted would undermine all that achievement. We are confident that we addressed all concerns raised by the Grading Committee's report in February, and indeed had been left with that impression after their visit earlier this month.

“We can assure everyone that we will be contesting this decision with the FA, and have already embarked upon the first stages of the appeal process".


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