Step 6 League update

Mon 23rd October 2017 | Announcements
By Ian Templeman

As everyone will now be aware, we have been successful in our application to the FA to run the additional Step 6 Division in the North West from season 2018/19.

We have previously stated that the FA will be handling the application process, and we have now been informed that they will very shortly be contacting all our feeder Step 7 Leagues with appropriate documentation to be passed on to their Clubs who wish to submit applications to join our League.

In line with this, the FA has now informed us that the National Leagues Committee, while confirming that the application process will be the same as previous seasons, have stated it is "likely there will be more than one promotion from each Step 7 League".

In addition, there is also the possibility of lateral movement of Clubs from other Step 6 Leagues as they have to reduce to 20 Clubs per Division.  The FA rules require that a Step 6 Division to have a minimum of 16 Clubs per Division, with the maximum being 20 Clubs per Division.

However, at this stage, if there are any Step 7 Clubs who wish to contact us for guidance with regard to ground grading and League membership issues, they should contact the League Secretary, John Deal, by email at : - also advising their own League Secretary that they have requested a free advisory visit.

We will continue to work with the FA to progress towards the establishment of our new Step 6 Division, and further updates will be issued when more information is available.


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