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Purps' Pyjama Party fundraiser

Wed 13th December 2017 | City of Liverpool
By Gary Johansen

City of Liverpool FC were delighted to be able to facilitate a joint fundraising event at their match against Maine Road last Saturday afternoon on behalf of Pyjama Party Liverpool.

The event was organised with Regenda Homes, who are City of Liverpool’s main Club Sponsors. 

'Pyjama Party Liverpool' is an organisation that was set up specifically with one simple idea in mind. That being, to give new Pyjamas to children who are homeless or who are in need this Christmas in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. 

Regenda Homes themselves are part of the Regenda Group and they are a "Not for Profit" based organisation that seeks to help find affordable and reliable social housing, and also work to look after communities and neighbourhoods as well as trying to help their residents find suitable employment. 

City of Liverpool Media Director, Gary Johansen said, "We were really pleased to be able to help Regenda Homes organise this event, and we were thrilled that the match was playable and that the fundraiser was able to go ahead" 

Kevin Short, a Team Leader with Regenda Homes Merseyside Neighbourhood Scheme, and himself a City of Liverpool fan, added "We are absolutely delighted with the generosity of the Purps fans today, as well as those Maine Road fans who came along to the game.

"We raised £111, which will go a long way and will allow us to purchase more pyjamas for children who find themselves homeless this Christmas. Fans also donated over 20 pairs of Pyjamas that will be distributed to needy children in the next couple of weeks also. 

"We can't thank all the supporters enough for their help and generosity, and on behalf of myself, all the staff from Regenda Homes and those at Pyjama Party Liverpool, we are extremely grateful"

Gary said "Once again, the City of Liverpool fans lent their support to a very deserving cause, one that helps those who are the most vulnerable and in need, and that seeks to assist their community. 

"That's what this Football Club is all about, and it's great to be able to support such worthwhile causes as these".

Regenda volunteers Caroline Short and Hannah Daly who helped out at the event are pictured below.

For more information about 'Pyjama Party Liverpool' you can find them on Twitter @Pyjamapartyliv and Facebook 

For information about Regenda Homes, you can find them on @TheRegendaGroup and online at 


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